Fitness Might Just be the Source of a Brand New Love Language

Fitness Might Just be the Source of a Brand New Love Language

The last few years we have seen an increase of clients at our gym Body Mbrace in one specific demographic, one that we didn’t really expect to see.

We have seen a surge in COUPLES walking through the doors, and we absolutely love it! We see incredible results from couples and not only that, some of them end up creating a complete lifestyle overhaul for the entire family. That got us thinking…. how, and why?

Have you ever read the 5 love languages? If you haven’t, the following 5 things are the classic “languages of love” – apparently there is supposed to be ONE that is specific to what you need as an individual as an act of reciprocation from your partner.

Words of affirmation: compliments or words of encouragement

Quality time: their partner’s undivided attention

Receiving gifts: symbols of love, like flowers or chocolates

Acts of service: setting the table, walking the dog, or doing other small jobs

Physical touch: having sex, holding hands, kissing

As much as we can appreciate all the things listed above, we have to take into account that this book was written 23 years ago, and times have changed. We are now glued to our phones and our laptops and all 5 of those things are sadly becoming obsolete. Words of affirmation? Those probably happen over text. Quality time? Does FaceTime count? Gifts? Does an e-voucher count so we can go for dinner and be on our phones the whole time? Acts of service? You can hire someone off Airtasker for that. Physical touch? Yeah no, too busy with my hands attached to my phone posting to Instagram. So with all of those things becoming more obsolete during this tech era, relationships are losing their flame and becoming mundane and electronic. Is it any wonder divorce is on the rise and people are getting fatter and lazier, especially once settled in a relationship?

This brings us to the BMB love language. The 2021 new and improved love language that trumps them all. WORK ETHIC. How would you feel if your partner put their phone away and asked them to join you for an exercise class together? You’d probably laugh at first and make bets on how long it will last. But what if your partner keeps going, and completely overhauls their lifestyle? Would you feel inspired by them? Would you feel like you needed to make a change too? Now that’s what we call a love language – teamwork derived from work ethic. Not one person doing something for the other.

Work ethic is something that seems to be dissipating quickly in an instant gratification world where you can get liposuction or order a “instant firming cream” online. Because it’s rare to see, hard work as a team can be a beautiful bonding experience for a couple. Trying a new adventure together, creating a healthier life, having more energy for each other, and fighting through the sweat and hard work as one, is THE most inspiring endeavour that the both of you can take on, as a team. It is honestly one of the most inspiring things we see at Body Mbrace.

That’s the missing love language, in our opinion. Watching the person you love the most work their butt off, is one of the greatest gifts you can receive. Sometimes it’s not about what you can do for the other person, but it’s what you can do for yourself to contribute to the betterment of the two of you together, as a whole.

Do you feel like your relationship has become old news? Have you gotten lazy, together? Put the electronics away, and start exercising – together! The energy between two people who give their very best to themselves and in turn; a purpose BEYOND themselves, is a bonding experience like no other.

Maybe work ethic is your missing love language. Maybe you want to see your partner try a little harder to work on themselves; to motivate themselves. Maybe you’re waiting for them to suggest a goal that you can achieve, together. Our advice is to stop waiting, time will not slow down for anyone. Your time is now!

Need a way to encourage your partner to start up an exercise program? Our Home Hero gift box is designed for those who prefer working out at home. It could be the start of a new beginning!