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6 Fitness Myths That Need to Die!

It’s time to squash these myths once and for all!
❌ You do not need to exercise like a freak or do hours of cardio a day to see results. Take 30 minutes, focus, work HARD and aim to do this at least 3 times a week. That’s all you need. Focus on building muscle by exhausting your lifts and if you’re doing cardio, short sharp sprints are the best bang for your buck.
❌ The scale is helpful if you’re overweight. If you’re looking to lose quite a bit of body fat, the scale should go down, for sure. However, if you’re at a “normal” weight and very active, we suggest getting body fat and measurements taken to track your progress. The scale can fluctuate from something as simple as a toilet trip.
❌ Eating low calorie does not work. While you still need to be in a deficit, go for a more slow and steady maintainable weight loss with higher calories to see results that will last you forever- not just for the event you want to squeeze into your size 10 dress.
❌ This one is for you ladies- you will NOT get bulky from lifting heavy weights. Women simply do not have the testosterone to build that kind of bulk on their body.
❌ Spot reducing does not exist. 100 crunches will not get rid of your belly. Your body will choose where it wants to burn fat off first, where it can afford to let it go without it being a threat to its livelihood.
❌ There are NO special foods that burn fat. Fat burning foods are whole, unprocessed lean proteins and veggies that are consumed in a calorie deficit. Taking a grapefruit seed extract tablet after consuming a pint of Ben and Jerry’s is not going to help you achieve results of any kind.
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