Christmas 2021: Our 7 Favourite Gifts for the Gym Junkie

Christmas 2021: Our 7 Favourite Gifts for the Gym Junkie

Do you need some healthy, creative gift giving ideas for the holiday season? We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best gifts you can buy for a fitness fanatic or gym junkie for Christmas 2021.

It seems odd to be writing about Christmas in September, especially as the weather is starting to warm up here in Australia. However, we’ve already been getting several Bodi Box orders that have been titled as “from Santa”, indicating that it really is time to get going! This is especially true if you plan on doing online shopping. Delivery times are longer than ever, especially with big cities like Melbourne and Sydney being hit hard by the COVID outbreak.

Our gift box delivery business is located in Perth, so we can really feel the pain of delivery times not only with receiving stock, but sending our hampers out as well. Thankfully, it hasn’t resulted in anything too unfortunate (knock on wood) BUT this topic makes us really feel the need to reiterate how important it is to get your Christmas shopping done early!

Now that we got the urgency factor out of the way, let’s talk about the fitness goodies! As fit people ourselves with over 300 clients at our other gig, Body Mbrace, we know how hard it is to shop for people who love staying active, fit and healthy. We are flooded with chocolates and wine at the end of every year by our gorgeous clients. Don’t worry - they don’t go to waste, but we certainly could not eat/drink all of it.

We want to help you think outside of the box when it comes to gift giving for the active lifestyle enthusiast which is why we’ve created this list. Below are some gift ideas for Christmas 2021  that we think a gym junkie, yogi or really, any fit person would love.


1. Massager

Bodi Box co-owner Greg has this weird fascination with massage tools. He has ordered SO many different ones online in an attempt to find the perfect match for his sore muscles - specifically the traps. Amongst all the strange contraptions lying around the house, he ended up finding one that was absolutely PERFECT. It hits every muscle group in the neck and shoulders perfectly with an amount of force that feels like a real deep tissue massage. If you know a fit person who constantly complains of sore muscles, this is the gadget you must give them for Christmas!

Click here for this epic massager!

2. Healthy Food Delivery Service

If there’s one thing that our clients say hinders their body composition goals the most, it’s not having enough time to do meal prep. This means that after a long day, a drive thru or Uber Eats order is going to be an extremely tempting option for the average busy person. We get it and that’s why we think this Christmas gift would be awesome! Whether it’s a subscription based service or setting them up with a few deliveries for the month of January, we think this would be an EPIC Christmas gift for someone who slaves at the gym but unintentionally leaves the nutrition component behind.

Our first pick is a local Perth based business called Hail the Kale. We love everything on the menu, and it’s clear that they practice what they preach by delivering high quality ingredients. We love the “Seasonal Resets” as a gift option - this is a great way to help someone kick off their New Years resolution. In addition, they cater to all dietary requirements - Vegan, Gluten Free, Keto and more!

The other business we love is , another Australian company from the east coast that delivers dietitian designed calorie and macro controlled meals. This would be a great pick for someone who is super serious about getting shredded!

3. Bodi Box Gift Hampers

Well, of course! The only gift boxes in Australia that are designed specifically for those who love fitness of all kinds. There are tons of options on this list, but you can really find everything you need in one stop with Bodi Box. The Gym Junkie and Gym Junkie Mini are perfect for those who are obsessed with all things squats, deadlifts, HIIT, functional training and more! The Home Hero has been a super popular option during lockdowns as it is designed for those who love (or are forced) to workout at home. We also have specific boxes for runners and cyclists - the Road Warrior and also the Zen Life hamper for the Yoga/Pilates enthusiasts. For someone who has a mixed bag of workout interests, you can always Build Your Own Box!

Bodi Box is Perth based and owned by two personal trainers who have a combined 30+ years of experience in the fitness industry. Bodi Box delivers Australia wide.

4. Hands Free Dog Leash

We know that this won’t apply to everyone, but for those that love to walk or run with their dog but are tired of having their arm pulled out of their socket, this leash is awesome! It fits comfortably around your hips and also has pockets to store your belongings.

Click here for the Hands Free Dog Leash


5. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

This amazing set isn’t just for the yogi’s! In fact, we heard about these from a fellow gym junkie! There is more and more research coming out that shows how stress can negatively affect our body, our mind and our capacity to recover from physical strain. We believe everybody needs some form of deliberate disengagement from their fast paced lifestyle at least once a day. This is exactly why we love this mat and pillow designed for relaxation and muscle tension relief. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone who is constantly on the go, don’t look any further!

Click here for the Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set 

6. White Noise Machine for Sleep

Any athlete or active person knows how critical sleep is for optimal recovery. Unfortunately, only 20% of Australians report that they sleep through the night, uninterrupted. This blows our mind, and breaks our heart! Sleep is absolutely critical for every living cell in our body to function optimally. If you are health conscious and you train hard, it’s even MORE critical. There are so many tools that can assist you in achieving a restful sleep, and this portable white noise machine is one of them.

Here’s what the creators of the product have to say about white noise: “White noise is a collection of sounds that has the same intensity through the audible range, creating a uniform sound perfect for masking loud disruptions. In other words, white noise “smooths” out your audible environment for sleeping, studying, focusing, and more!”

Click here for the portable white noise machine

7. Apple Airpods

This is a bit of an obvious one, but one that can’t be left behind! If you made the switch from traditional headphones to Airpods, then you know exactly why these need to be included on a 2021 Christmas Gift list. They really are a game changer when it comes to listening to your favourite music, podcasts or audiobooks, especially when you’re smashing a workout. If your fit friend or family member doesn’t have Airpods yet, do them a massive favour - skip the overpriced fancy chocolates and treat them with the gift of impeccable sound this Christmas!

Click here for Apple Airpods

We hope this list of our favourite health and fitness products helps you find the perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas



Team Bodi Box

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