Gym Junkie Mini

  • $105.00
  • $120.00

What is the Gym Junkie Mini?

This box is similar to the main Gym Junkie, but with a little bit less product.

If you're looking for something just to say "hi" or "thanks" to your active friend or family member, the Gym Junkie Mini is perfect. You can always upgrade to the big box when their birthday arrives.

Who is the Gym Junkie?

Your gym junkie friend is probably someone who needs a solid dose of active endorphins to get through their day. They are likely to tell you all about their life-changing gym on the regular, and trying to convince you to join.

Their passion for an active lifestyle also comes with less passionate moments that they probably don't tell you about. Sweaty towels, bags of stinky clothes (that sometimes get left in the back of the car), protein cups that get left overnight and are way too stinky to clean, sore and aching muscles - glamorous isn't it?


Product List:

1 x Personalised Handwritten Gift Card

45g Magnesium Muscle Soak

1 x True Protein Bars

1 x Protein Shaker

1 x WPI True Protein Powder

1 x True Protein Pre-Workout

1 x Hand Sanitiser Spray

1 x Wheat Bag Heat Pack

1 x Gym Towel

1 x Drawstring Gym Bag

1 x Protein Oats

1 x Chia Pro Sachet

1 x Protein Mousse

1 x Protein Mug Cake

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