Men's Nourishment Box

  • $89.00

Try and find a pamper pack for a man out there that doesn’t have beer or pretzels… we bet you can’t! 🥨

The active man needs his pamper time too, and so that’s why we decided to create this gift box to help clean him up and restore his energy 🧽 💪

Why did we decide to parter with Woodsman Skincare? We love them and their products for a few reasons…

👉 Their range is designed specifically for men’s skin
👉 Everything is crafted in Australia with high quality, organic, native and natural ingredients
👉 Absolutely no carcinogenic ingredients. This is one of the first body care lines we’ve heard of that care for men, and their need for reducing their chemical load.

The man in your life will greatly appreciate these amazing skincare products, along with a microfibre cleansing cloth that is game changing for the skin. This gentle exfoliant leaves your skin feeling extra smooth!

To top it off, this man can relax and restore his sore muscles with our nourishing magnesium oil and our lavender infused wheatbag.

Product List

1 x Personalised Gift Card

1 x Woodsman Skincare Face Cleanser

1 x Woodsman Skincare Face Moisturiser

1 x Microfibre Cleansing Cloth

1 x Lavender Infused Wheatbag

1 x Lavender Infused Magnesium Spray