Soothing Eye Pillow

  • $20.00

Our soothing eye pillow places gentle pressure on the eyelids, stimulating the nervous system to induce calm and release stress. The aroma of lavender further increases a deep sense of relaxation and nurtures your body's resilience to stress.

You can gently heat your eye pillow to help you fall asleep or induce a deep meditative rest (but only heat it for 20-30 seconds!). This eye pillow is also magical when kept in the fridge and placed over the eyes on a hot day, or after a sweaty workout.

Handmade in Western Australia with high quality ingredients.



100% Cotton, dried wheat granules, lavender botanicals and doTERRA lavender essential oil


Note: With individual products, please allow 1-2 days of lead time as they are handmade with love, and stocked in very limited quantities.