Soothing Wheat Bag for Sore Muscles

  • $30.00
  • $35.00

Soothe your tired, aching muscles with our cozy and tranquil wheatbag. Our wheatbag is perfectly sized to fit comfortably across shoulders, tummies, lower backs, and feet. The lavender aroma further increases a deep sense of relaxation and nurtures your body's resilience to stress.

You can gently heat your wheatbag to help you fall asleep or induce a deep meditative rest (but only heat it for a max of 90 seconds!). This wheatbag is also magical when kept in the fridge and placed over your tender spots on a hot day, or after a sweaty workout.

Handmade in Western Australia with high quality ingredients.



100% cotton, dried wheat granules, lavender botanicals and doTERRA lavender essential oil


Note: With individual products, please allow 1-2 days of lead time as they are handmade with love, and stocked in very limited quantities.