Mindfulness Box

  • $139.00
  • $159.00
We believe health starts on the inside. Specifically, the inside of your skull; your mind. If you aren't taking care of your mental health, everything else will fall to the wayside.

The best athletes of our time train their mind just as much as they do their body, and that's how they become the GOAT's.

This box isn't just meant for other people, this is also a gift for you! It can be kept in a safe place for whenever you need a few mindful moments to yourself.

Included in this box:

1 x 365 day Gratitude Journal
1 box of Palo Santo Incense
1 x incense holder
1 x white sage bundle
1 x 45g lavender muscle soak
1 x Cacao Collective cacao sachet
1 x candle
1 x soothing eye pillow
1 x Thankful, Hopeful, Grateful weekly affirmation card deck
1 x handmade (by us!) wood stand for your affirmations
1 x hand written personalised card

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