Protein Goodies Box

  • $155.00
  • $175.00

Satisfy your protein cravings without sacrificing the sweetness! Our Protein Goodies Box is a treasure trove of delicious delights that caters to your taste buds and fuels your fitness journey.

From indulgent protein mousse to fluffy pancakes, hearty oats, and more, this box is a symphony of flavors designed for those who crave a protein-packed treat with a touch of sweetness. Hit your protein targets while indulging your sweet tooth with this curated collection of guilt-free pleasures.

Whether you're on a fitness mission or simply love the idea of protein-packed goodies, our Protein Goodies Box is your go-to solution. Elevate your snack game, embrace the balance of flavor and nutrition, and treat yourself to a world where every bite is a celebration


Product List

1 x Premium Box (Gold embossing, magnetic closure)

1 x Personalised Gift Card

2 x True Protein Bars

3 x Protein Mug Cake

3 x WPI True Protein Powder

3 x Protein Oats

2 x Protein Pancakes

3 x Protein Mousse

3 x Protein Hot Chocolate

2 x Chia Pro Sachets

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