How to use your BODIBOX items to relax & de-stress

How to use your BODIBOX items to relax & de-stress

Optimal health isn't just about training hard. Without proper rest and recovery, you it's unlikely to see significant benefits of your workouts. You could even be pushing yourself further back.

That's why you'll find muscle recovery items in most of the BODIBOX gift hampers. These are handmade by us because we know exactly what an athlete needs in order to feel rejuvenated for their next workout.

Here's a guide on how to use the products, along with why we chose the fabrics, scents and colours that we did.


This is an absolute STAPLE in our home. Before BODIBOX was born, we had tons of different heat packs lying around but we always kept coming back to this red, raggedy wheat bag that we have had for years and years. It always held heat so well, it was the perfect size for most neck and shoulders and the fabric was soft but durable. We needed to recreate this because unfortunately, it was so ancient, we couldn't find it anywhere.

Corduroy, our fabric of choice is super durable, soft and retains heat extremely well. Don't ever buy a heat pack that isn't corduroy! We also sourced high quality wheat and chose it over rice for its heat retention qualities. Then of course, we also use lavender essential oil and dried lavender to keep it smelling amazing.

We will explain why we chose lavender for everything at the end, hang tight!

Wheatbags work by increasing blood flow, bringing along proteins and oxygen to assist recovery in the sore area. A heated wheat bag is great to decrease joint stiffness, reduce pain and inflammation, and relieve muscle spasms.The most unique feature of a heated wheatbag is that it offers moist heat or “convection heat”. Moist heat works on your muscles on a deeper level and is in many ways more efficient than dry heat.

Ours is perfectly heated after 2 minutes in the microwave. We love putting it on our neck and shoulders, especially if we've had a "computer" day.

And ladies, this is the best, BEST pain reliever for menstrual cramps. It provides immediate pain relief.

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You won't understand how amazing an eye pillow is until you use one, especially if you suffer from headaches and migraines.

Be careful with this one, you don't want to heat it up for too long. The silky satin holds heat better than you think! Try 20 seconds in the microwave to start. Lie down, put some relaxing music on and let the eye pillow do it's magic.

You can also use it as a cold pack as well if you freeze it for a couple of hours. This is great for injuries, and also if you have puffy eyes in the morning.

The weight of the eye pillow has been shown to stimulate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve represents the main component of the parasympathetic nervous system, which oversees a vast array of crucial bodily functions, including control of mood, immune response, digestion, and heart rate.

This cranial nerve responds to the light acupuncture pressure resting on your eyelids and sends a message down the back of your neck to your chest and heart. From there, the message is then sent to your nervous system or abdomen. The message is one of relaxation and pleasure.

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Lavender Infused Muscle Soak

Before we begin, let it be known that this is for both men AND women!

Our bath salts are a blend of crystalised magnesium sulfate and himalayan pink sea salt. Of course, you will find the dried lavender flowers and lavender oil in this product as well.

Magnesium is essential for every life form on the planet. In the human body, it’s necessary for muscle and nerve function and maintaining a healthy immune system. It’s also needed to maintain a regular heartbeat, sufficient blood glucose, and strong bones.

For someone that trains hard, magnesium is critical. Muscle soreness will be greatly amplified if you don't have enough of this critical nutrient.

Magnesium absorption is another important benefit of muscle soak baths. This may be beneficial to those with a deficiency such as people with fibromyaligia. A 2004 study of 19 participants found that 17 of them had increased levels of magnesium and sulfate in the blood following Epsom salt baths.

Combining magnesium flakes with pink Himalayan salt allows for better transdermal absorption of the minerals, and it can help you retain moisture within your skin.

To use the BODIBOX muscle soak, simply place about 20-25g of epsom salt in a warm bath and relax for about 20-30 minutes without distraction. Feel free to add more essential oils if you have any on hand.

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Lavender Infused Magensium Muscle Spray

Now we know why magnesium is so important, but what's the difference between the spray and the soak?

Magnesium has been show in some studies to submerge into the lymphatic system beneath the dermis and enter the circulatory system, bypassing the regulation through the GI tract and hereby increasing serum magnesium.

Our highly concentrated magnesium muscle spray is great for localised pain, such as a sore knee or tight shoulders.

Simply spray the BODIBOX Magnesium Muscle Spray to the effected area and massage gently for 30-60 seconds. The texture is oily and we have decided to keep it that way to keep the magnesium as pure as possible. Some sprays out there have additives that increase the absorption time and give it a more water-like texture.

Also - it might feel a little itchy or tingly - that's ok! That means it's working its magic.

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So, why all the lavender?!

Oh lavender, how we love thee!

Lavender has been proven numerous times to be helpful in the aid of several different types of ailments. 

Lavender may help with some of the following:

  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • hair loss
  • headaches
  • chemotherapy side effects
  • acne
  • burns
  • eczema and dry skin
  • wound healing
  • sore muscles
  • mood issues

Sleep is by far our most important tool for recovery. Today, research suggests that breathing in lavender’s aroma could improve sleep quality. A systematic review of 15 studies from 2014 found that inhaling essential oils, including lavender, had positive effects in people with mild sleep disturbances.

Other studies suggest that compounds in lavender may stimulate activity in certain areas of the brain and influence the transmission of impulses between brain cells in ways that boost mood and produce a calming effect.

There is no other essential oil that has been proven to have such incredible effects on soothing the nervous system as lavender has been.

We thought it would be fun to change up smells to keep things novel and interesting, but we decided against it.

Here's why.

Training and recovery principles are never novel. If you're seeking novelty, once again, the results won't be as robust compared to focusing on good old boring and mundane consistency.

Therefore, BODIBOX has committed to sticking with the most science backed principles to keep you feeling your best! These principles tend to be the most simple things that most of us have forgotten about as fancier technologies have tried to charm us with "faster" and "better" results.

We've been doing this a long time and we promise you, faster will never be an option. Opt for simplicity & consistency - you will thank yourself later.