Cyclist / Runner's Box

  • $149.00

Who is the Road Warrior?

We designed this box as a 2-in-1 gift that can be gifted to the cycling enthusiast and/or marathon runner in your life. Let's start off by saying, it seems like these types REALLY appreciate coffee - so we made sure that was highlighted. We can't blame them - when you burn thousands of calories a day, something has to keep these ones going!

The Road Warrior also have to manage some rough conditions - think about those cold early mornings! We've got them covered with tools to keep them toasty and as comfortable as 5am rides or runs can be.

Also, our years of experience tells us that one of the most common complaints athletes make is ... (you won't believe it)... not having a place for their house key or wedding rings. You have no idea how useful a sweatband with a zipper will be; especially for the Road Warrior!

Now they aren't the type to complain, but recovery and replenishment are essential as well so this box is well equipped with hydration, energy gels, healthy carbohydrates and recovery tools.

The Road Warrior will be the first to tell you that wine, cheese and chocolate are not the best source of energy for a long distance adventure. So do them a favour, and get them a gift that they will use and greatly appreciate!

And maybe an extra shot of espresso too.

Product List:

1 x Personalised Handwritten Gift Card

1 x Sweat Band Key Holder

1 x Ear Warmer

45g Magnesium Muscle Soak

1 x Pocket Physio

2 x GU Energy Gels

1 x Carman's Energy Balls

2 x Protein Oats

2 x Chia Pro Sachets

1 x Energy Stroopwafel

2 x Hot Hands Hand Warmers

1 x Coconut Water

2 x Anti-Chafe Cream

1 x Wheat Bag Heat Pack

2 x Clean Coffee Sachets

2 x Electrolyte Sachets

1 x Glass Coffee Mug