Yoga Box

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  • $169.00

Who is the type to live a Zen Life?


This box is multifaceted for anyone who appreciates an active lifestyle but prefers the challenge of holding poses, planking, core stability and finding muscles they didn't know they had.

To simplify it, this box is great for the person in your life that practices yoga, pilates, tai chi, barre or anything that may fall under that umbrella.

Many of these practices incorporate specific breathing techniques that help these athletes remain calm during challenging movements and poses. As a result, the controlled breathing practices often allow these types to be a bit more cool, calm and collected.

We know they can appreciate breathing in through the nose and smelling delicious scents, and finding peace in the chaos; but we also know they work bloody hard. With this in mind, we created the perfectly curated box that incorporates a bit of deliciousness, zen and relaxation, with the necessary goods for progress, consistency and recovery.

Your Zen pal will attest to the fact that Zen Life is combination of hard work and deliberate disengagement from the chaos around them. This box combines the two, and the receiver will appreciate every little detail that has gone into this gift, and the thought that you put into it.


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Product List

1 x Personalised Handwritten Gift Card

45g Magnesium Muscle Soak

2 x Clean Coffee Sachets

2 x Chia Pro Sachets

1 x Mat Spray

1 x Clear Quartz Crystal

1 x Stretching Strap

1 x Pack of Palo Santo Incense Sticks

1 x Incense Holder

1 x Relaxing Eye Pillow

1 x Wheat Bag Heat Pack

1 x Box of Organic Tea

1 x Scented Candle

1 x Yoga Block

1 x Yoga Towel