Home Workout Box

  • $149.00

Who is the Home Workout Box for?

The home hero is suited for all types of people that prefer to workout at home. Or ... are forced to work out at home because of a lock down (knock on wood). This could mean any one of the following:

  • A new mum who loves to work out but literally cannot leave the house
  • A new dad who loves to work out but isn't ready to embrace the dad bod
  • Your friend who constantly raves about Kayla Itsines' workout guides
  • Your active family member who is in a forced lockdown :(
  • Someone who travels for work, or does a lot of FIFO
  • Someone who just loves to workout at home in general!

It really is incredible what can be done with our body, gravity and just a few pieces of simple equipment. Your Home Hero friend or family member knows this, and would appreciate everything this box has to offer. The whole day is covered- from the equipment for a morning HIIT session, the protein replenishment during the day and the tools to relieve sore muscles at night.

We know that this person will appreciate the thought you put into this the next time they are dreading their fly out or complaining that they are getting a dad/mum bod.

(Disclaimer: We love and appreciate mum and dad bods too!)

Product List:

1 x Personalised Handwritten Gift Card

1 x True Protein Bars

1 x Aluminum Water Bottle

1 x Protein Shaker

1 x WPI True Protein Powder

1 x True Protein Pre-Workout

1 x Fabric Booty Band

45g Magnesium Muscle Soak

1 x Wheat Bag Heat Pack

1 x Protein Oats

2 x Chia Pro Sachets

1 x Protein Pancakes

1 x Protein Mousse

1 x Pocket Physio

1 x Skipping Rope

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